A message regarding recent controversy.

Stress is not good for your health and I believe there's unwarranted panic.

As was expected, we're in the process of a complete reconstruction. Let's go over what this means.

We can confirm that the representative you have seen is officially affiliated. However, we're doing nothing but investigating some details and it will not give you any crucial information.

For those concerned with our efforts, you seem confident in your belief that our objective can simply not happen. That being said, please put faith in your belief, I'd expect you to recognize that in the event that you're right, we wouldn't be able to do anything harmful in the first place.

Those under our surveillance recognize the suspicion of our organization and they are in no way brainwashed as you think they are.

Your temperment is no excuse to put an emotional burden on your sibling and cause more panic in a few days than we have within months.

I, the Protege, may come off as a megalomaniacal leader but at the very least I care for the people I am influencing with my convictions.

Weigh your choices please.

As for those of you apart of the actual team, this probably gives you insight as to our current schedule.

A task as grand as ours takes a monumental amount of work as you can imagine, if you all were to be in our position, and thus you should understand the dilligence with which we are working to resume.

But in the mean time please relax.